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Monday, April 24, 2017

4-24-17 Transients Have Been Everywhere

...over the last many days it has been whales, whales - transients - everywhere but...
...something was on my mind that I could not here's is my take - LOL... are some images from recent days...
...I rode along on the Western Prince and not even out of the harbor was a gray whale...

...then word came that whales were seen in the Strait of Georgia...

...on another day the T49As and the T65As and T65Bs were together again (last time seen together was about a week before)...
...T65Bs (mother and offspring) used to travel more often with her mom - T65 and Chainsaw T63...Chainsaw hadn't been seen in these waters for the last few years, but he was seen north (SE Alaska - I think) last year but no mention of the other day when Chainsaw was seen coming in from the west there was an unidentified female who was later ID'd by one of the Victoria boats as T65!

As far as I know there has been no word on the whereabouts of the in prior years, one day they will just show up...
...I am so anticipating hearing them over the hydrophones early one morning ...but also realizing that I am quite concerned for their well being.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

4-15-17 T65As, T65Bs, and T49As

Saturday, April 15th
...just before leaving Friday Harbor on the Western Prince, Capt. Michael gets word of whales not too far in the distance...
...he waited until we were just about on scene to let everyone know because it's never a guarantee until you actually see them!
Here's who we saw today...

...image above whale on the left - T65A2 has an interesting story that occurred back in April of here...see how much smaller he was then and what went wasn't  monumental but it was something that we humans don't get to see very often or perhaps ever before that or after...
...continuing with who we saw today...

...those open mouths!

...will this beautiful spring weather be here tomorrow?  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

4-9-17 The T18s - Transient Killer Whales

Sunday, April 9th certainly has been several days of transient killer whales...and with so many Steller sea lions hauled out at Green Pt. on Spieden Island...124 hauled out and at least another 25 in the water!  
...another day another encounter with Ts...only this time different ones...a family group of four, who are usually seen by themselves...referred to as the T18s,  -  T18, T19 both females.  I don't think their relationship is known but T18 is always with this group.
...T19 has two living offspring - T19B aka Mr. Floppy actually is a bit straighter but when he was about 14 it leaned even more...and his brother T19C who is about 6 years younger... can tell from a great distance when the T18s are present because of T19B.'s another angle of him, coming toward you.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

4-8-17 Baby Killer Whale T124A-6 and Family

Thursday, April 8th
...on the Western Prince we get word shortly before leaving the dock that killer whales were spotted far, far to the north...but they were coming south...but it was really, really far...we headed that way...the those whales kept coming our way...
...we met up with the whales...first one seen was T123A - of course - with his tall dorsal fin...there were several more all females and offspring...and all coming our way...
...but soon T123A, his mom and sibling split off...
...four others continued coming...

...and what a surprise - new baby, I believe first seen in January 2017...notice the yellowish tinge, an indicator of a young one.  It is believed to be related to their liver function when young...could be similar to jaundice in humans...

This calf is the 6th offspring of T124A.  T124A is the mother and T124 is the grandmother!  In the transient community it is common for females, when they start their family, to travel off on their own and with others.  Sometimes they are seen with their direct family members and other times with other transients, usually who have young ones.  i.e. young mothers and their kids like to spend time together! (The Transient IDing system for the community of Ts (aka Biggs killer whales) that we see always relates back to the matriarch of the family. In this case T124.  T124A, B, C, etc. are offspring. If any of those have offspring, T124A-1, -2, -3, etc. and to add to that T124A-2 had an offspring and her first offspring is T124A-2A...It may sound very confusing but it sure comes in handy when identifying whales of this transient community because they don't travel in any set groups.

The family group of the T124s is really big and every once in a while they are all together which is really neat to see.
But on this day, everyone who got to see T124A-6 ...well just know that was extra special! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

4-4-17 Killer Whales the T11s

Tuesday, April 4th 
...this image is from March 30th...male? female? if it's a female she might be looking for a place to molt.
...then on April 4th while out on the Western Prince...the T11s, two animals, who are not usually seen here often during the the past it seems they are seen coming in, this time it was through Baynes Channel, and up Haro Strait, miles from the west side shoreline...often they will turn and go back out in the next day or two...we'll have to wait to see if/when they show up again...
...they appeared to be in hunt mode...about 1/4 mile apart and slowly moving along...looking, listening for a possible meal...perhaps.
...April 6th

...lots of bald eagle action...soon the eggs will be hatching and there will be even more action in the eagle world!

Monday, April 3, 2017

4-3-17 The J16 Family Group

Monday, April 3rd

...most of the text is on the images.  I was on the Western Prince out of Friday Harbor...we hadn't left the dock when word came that there were whales spotted in Haro Strait coming south...wouldn't ya know...I'd be on the other side of the island...BUT it always works it did on this afternoon...

 ...Alki and Sonic they were about 10 minutes behind mom, Echo, and Scarlet...hummm...seems she has moved into the 'cottage' adjoining the main quarters...i.e. she and Sonic are most often, at least lately, to be by themselves or with Mike...of course that could change.

...we now wait for their return from the least that's where it looked like they were heading.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

4-1-17 Watching Transients in the Strait of Georgia

Saturday, April 1st
...just about to leave Friday Harbor on the Western Prince, the Capt. gets word of killer whales in the Strait of Georgia...and off we went... spectacular encounter with the T36As and the T99s...with the T123s off a short distance...they had taken a Steller sea lion before we had arrived and were in the process of having 'lunch' you could say...
...though some people don't like to hear that transient orcas eat marine mammals, it's just the way it is and when they take a large animal it takes a long while to eat they weren't going anywhere, which made it possible for those watching to not have to go anywhere either.

...while up to the north watching the Ts, word came that J pod calls were heard over the Lime Kiln hydrophones! was later learned that someone from shore had seen a small group of whales heading up...though no one was able (that I know of) to get IDs on who. 
...and since the last time we had seen any of the J Pod whales they were in three separate which group was this?